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3D Black - Pink Earrings PungaGlow Eco Upcycled Jewelry

3D Black - Pink Earrings PungaGlow Eco Upcycled Jewelry

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✨ PungaGlow Hoops - Sustainable Radiance ✨

#SustainabilityWithStyle #PungaGlowHoops #UpcycledElegance

With elegance and a touch of brilliance, we present PungaGlow Hoops - finely crafted jewelry made from upcycled plastic bags. Each pair is a refined expression of style and our commitment to the environment.

🌱 Sustainable and Chic: Made from recycled plastic bags, each hoop shines with a unique beauty and contributes to waste reduction.

💫 Illuminate Your Style: These earrings add a touch of radiance and elegance to any outfit. Perfect for a special evening or to bring a bit of glam to your everyday look.

🌈 Variety of Hues: Available in a diverse palette of colors, PungaGlow Hoops allow you to express your style in the most eco-friendly way.

🌍 Environmental Awareness: By choosing these earrings, you not only enrich your jewelry collection but also contribute to environmental protection.

🎁 Gift with a Message: Perfect for giving an impactful gift, PungaGlow Hoops are a wonderful way to share the beauty of sustainability.

Discover beauty in every detail with PungaGlow Hoops - jewelry that brings a new light to your world, with style and ecological responsibility. 💚✨ #SustainabilityWithStyle #PungaGlowHoops #UpcycledElegance

Drop length: 7 Centimeters; Length: 8 Centimeters; Width: 5 Centimeters

Location: Earlobe

Closure: Ear wire


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